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1 dollbid
An Auction Style Marketplace for Doll Lovers by Doll Lovers
5 3 1,943 1,306
2 Our Sindy Museum
An online reference site for Pedigree Sindy collectors
4 3 8,228 8,587
3 Aunt Polly's Doll Emporium
Welcome to my world of artist, antique and reproduction cloth, wooden and china head dolls......FREE PATTERNS TOO!!
3 1 681 937
4 Fashion Dolls Australia
Fashion dolls are an icon of the era and a valuable contribution to our society. We sell Pullip, Limited Edition Blythe and Petworks Odeco & Nikki pairs. Stocking over 150 different dolls and add monthly. Site has many doll photos and information.
2 6 2,251 3,665
5 Lulemee OOAK Fashion Doll Art
Fashion doll Repainting and Customizing - Celebrity dolls especially Audrey Hepburn, Classic Cartoons including Disney´s masterpieces and designed couture dolls.
2 0 695 732
Affordable doll clothes for your 18" American Girl Dolls and 18-22" Lee Middleton Dolls. New patented DISABLED vinyl dolls are now available for the first time! Site donates a portion of sales to hospitals that help children.
2 0 5,374 4,494
7 Vintage Dream Dolls & More!
We offer quality vintage dolls by brands like American Character, Ideal, Effanbee, Vogue and many more!
2 1 3,939 3,693
8 Mydolltopia - Judith Markich
OOAK fashions for Wilde Imagination's Evangeline and Ellowyne + Gently loved Tonner dolls and fashions
2 1 546 530
9 Barbiefanatic Presents - NancysDreamHouse.Com
BUYING and SELLING Vintage Barbie and family dolls, clothing and related accessories. Online Photo ID Guide to help you identify that old Barbie in your attic. We ship worldwide. Online since 1997 with many references.
2 8 7,533 42,240
10 Children of the Heart
OOAK and Limited Edition Artists Dolls by Renown Artists from Around the World
2 0 1,837 1,581
11 Miss Vinyl Doll Gallery
Thousand of pictures of "out of the box" popular dolls (Barbie, Tonner, JamieShow, Helen Kish, etc...)
2 1 241 358
12 DollyPanic!
Doll Reviews, Photos and Musings
1 0 3 69
13 Welcome to Lilsdolls
Sindy, Barbie, Ginger, Other kind of dolls, Dollshouses
1 2 1,903 3,836
14 Welcome to the world of Petra dolls
Site for collectors of Petra, Sindy, Barbie and clones. New ID your Sindy guide recently added to the site.
1 1 8,013 8,272
15 Sindy Online
A friendly forum for all your dolly and off topic chat. Join in with our members today and extend your social circle. Have fun with posting messages and show & tell, ebay stories or identification plus many more..Look forward to seeing your there..
1 0 2,710 2,779
16 Fleur Makes Your Dreams Come True
Definitive Fleur website - everything you ever needed to know about this Dutch fashion doll
1 2 2,236 1,747
17 Tulas' Gifts
Tulas' Having A SALE!!! Come See our large selection of Marie Osmond Dolls made by L.L. Knickerbocker and Marian. We have Knickerbocker Bears and Annette Funicello Bears. Many of my dolls and bears are Hard to Find and Limited Edition.
1 0 2,341 1,750
18 Antique dolls & other collections
This blog was born to share with you my passion for antique dolls and other vintage related items. Your comments will be welcome and I will consider dolls exchange!
1 0 448 603
19 Reflections of Me Porcelain Dolls
Handcrafted porcelain look a like dolls created from your photos. Mirror image dolls of your child, grandchild, or teenager. We do adult dolls, too! We also carry exquisite handcrafted collectible porcelain dolls in stock as well.
1 0 13,118 7,267
20 Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter
Dolly news, re-roots, impulse buys, and more!
1 0 980 1,107
21 Doll Liberations
The best collection of fashion doll reviews around. See all the details of play line and collectible dolls once removed from their boxes!
1 0 178 119
22 Peach Blossom Creations, LLC
Ball Jointed Doll Clothing and Accessory Store
1 1 154 179
23 Joe Blitman's Fashion & Celebrity Dolls
We have the largest selection of vintage, new and retired Barbie dolls, clothing & accessories on the internet, plus Tyler, Gene, Dawn, Celebrity & other dolls. Worldwide shipping. Credit cards/PayPal.
1 1 11,225 11,400
24 Las Manías de Knena
Blog in Spanish and some things in english about Barbie, News, Fashion, Scrapbooking Digital and more
1 0 1,797 1,466
25 Collins Gifts
Collins Gifts - fine collectible dolls and artist bears
1 1 2,588 1,990

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