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26 Revivals.org.uk
Revivals.org.uk...a stylish and easy to use doll website store where OOAK's and restorations for fashion dolls Mary Quant Daisy, Palitoy Pippa, Topper Dawn, and much more besides, are simply childs play in an adult world!
10 8 2,444 2,264
27 American Girl Fan
A site all about American Girl, for American Girl Fans everywhere! The place for reviews and info about American Girl news, American Girl dolls, clothes, catalogues, books and other items. Anything and everything American Girl. Come for a visit!
9 11 4,883 4,510
28 Cherished Playtime
Cherished Playtime is a website for my personal doll and stuffed animal collection, who usually reside in the little doll town Star Valley. We have photo stories, crafts, contests and more. Most of the dolls are American Girl
9 5 1,976 2,012
29 Tulas' Gifts
Tulas' Having A SALE!!! Come See our large selection of Marie Osmond Dolls made by L.L. Knickerbocker and Marian. We have Knickerbocker Bears and Annette Funicello Bears. Many of my dolls and bears are Hard to Find and Limited Edition.
9 13 2,368 1,777
30 Vintage Dream Dolls & More!
We offer quality vintage dolls by brands like American Character, Ideal, Effanbee, Vogue and many more!
9 9 3,975 3,736
31 Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter
Dolly news, re-roots, impulse buys, and more!
9 9 1,009 1,136
32 EmbellishYourself
Fashion doll necklaces and accessories for Blythe and similar sized dolls
8 2 799 1,288
33 Doll Ads.com - Buy & Sell all things Dolls!
Online classifieds for Dolls, Clothing, Furniture, Accessories, etc.
8 9 6,293 4,333
34 DollShowUSA.com - "The Place to go to Find a Show!"
DollShowUSA.com ~ the Place to go to Find a Doll Show! ~ Doll shows, sales & events across the USA, Online & Canada
8 5 130 149
35 Prairie Wind Girl
Follow my dolls and my outfits as we journey thru life!!!
8 17 372 913
36 Fleur Makes Your Dreams Come True
Definitive Fleur website - everything you ever needed to know about this Dutch fashion doll
8 3 2,265 1,757
37 The Doll Fixer
I provide doll and stuffed animal repairs, doll costume repair and create new doll costumes. I also provide doll and stuffed animal appraisal services.
8 3 1,248 1,306
38 Reflections of Me Porcelain Dolls
Handcrafted porcelain look a like dolls created from your photos. Mirror image dolls of your child, grandchild, or teenager. We do adult dolls, too! We also carry exquisite handcrafted collectible porcelain dolls in stock as well.
8 6 13,166 7,322
39 Who's That Doll?
A site dedicated to the discovery and identification of 6-1/2" miniature fashion dolls.
8 7 585 551
40 Toys of Another Time
Tons of vintage dolls & toys from the 1950s-1980s for sale including Barbie, Liddle Kiddles, Chatty Cathy, Ideal Tammy dolls, Tressy, Crissy, Dawn, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, & more.
8 13 4,321 5,737
41 Las Manías de Knena
Blog in Spanish and some things in english about Barbie, News, Fashion, Scrapbooking Digital and more
7 3 1,820 1,488
42 Barbie en Venezuela
Blog about Barbie dolls made in Venezuela. Some of these dolls were designed exclusively for the Venezuelan market, making them true rarities completely original. I invite you to know the Venezuelan Barbies, I assure you will be fascinated with her beauty
7 1 673 629
43 Dolls Clothes
I love to make dolls clothes, this website shows all my products.
7 7 502 595
44 Sindy-Collectables.com
For Pedigree Sindy dolls, Paul, Patch, Mitzi, Vicki, Poppet, Betsy, outfits, scenesetters and all related products 1963 to 1985. Other favourite vintage teenage dolls include Nancy, Jennie, Bionic Man & Woman, Mego & Charlie's Angels
7 7 6,723 9,063
45 Zorzin's Nursery
OOAK Mini Babies Handsculpted from Polymer Clay
7 5 2,109 2,016
46 Adorable Kinders Rag Dolls
Our soft 18” dress-up dolls are hand made here in the USA. 26 different characters to choose from. Dolls and their clothes are washable. Includes our online eSchool where kids will learn as they play.
7 3 809 702
47 ShrunkenTreasures
Fashion Doll Furnishings, Room Displays and Dollhouses
7 5 1,584 1,526
48 Cloth Dolls by Stitch 'N Stuff
Original design cloth dolls, patterns and bears.
7 9 8,078 6,249
49 La Princesa Plastica
bilingual (english/spanish) barbie site w/news, gossip, club, customization hints, etc.
7 6 2,657 2,834
50 Nadia Secora Designs
Blog that showcases my work as well as sharing my doll collection and love for dolls as an adult.
7 2 37 19

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